Under Construction by Bobbe Harris


Growing up on my parents' dairy farm in Hollywood, Florida, I had no interest in nor questions about God. During my middle school years, my folks bought a Hereford cattle ranch in Ocala. We visited on weekends and spent summers there. Soon my future was all mapped out... college in Alabama to become a veterinarian. Then, immediately after high school graduation, my father died suddenly of a heart attack at 52. My world collapsed.

Bobbe Harris

Bobbe Harris

Since mother was advised to sell the ranch and keep the farm machinery businesses, an education degree in Florida (FSU) seemed wiser for me. During the next nine years, silent and angry “whys” intensified against the god of my ignorance. I found my sincerely held beliefs did not work out practically. Though God was still unimportant to me personally, when our two girls were pre-schoolers, we began to attend church regularly. I actively went through the motions in all facets of church life, until we had a special week of Bible studies. I became aware that I was estranged from my Creator. I learned about reconciliation that I needed to be reconciled to the One True God and to receive a new life with a specific purpose. At first I did not understand what had taken place; yet, I knew that I had been changed from the inside out. I began to read the Bible. As I continued to give it a fair examination, my thinking and living began to correlate... not flawlessly, but realistically. In time I was invited to teach.

For nearly fifty years, I taught group Bible studies and retreats throughout the country. Yet, over the years, each new group understood less about Scripture. Few could explain what they believe. It seemed to me this meant that biblical truth lay dormant or was non-existent. Subsequently, I began in Genesis to teach the basic truths of the Bible. UNDER CONSTRUCTION is the outgrowth.

At present I am widowed and live quietly in southwest Virginia. I share a home with my dear friend NancyT, down the hill from my eldest daughter Cathy and her husband. My younger daughter Nancy lives in Charlotte, NC, with her pastor husband. I have two fine adult grandsons Will and Joe. Continually I thank our Creator LORD that each one of my family is serving Him with joy.